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How do you make sure your billing system fits perfectly into your IT architecture and supports your monetization process?


  • What enterprise architecture elements agile monetization touches?
  • What agile monetization can do to keep your pricing and billing process future-proof?
  • Why integrated billing is important?
  • How to capture new data opportunities in business models?
  • How billing solutions complement ERP and CRM for better flexibility?
  • Real-life examples of how API-connectivity and integration strategy can benefit your business agility.
  • Unlocking billing data to customer satisfaction.
  • Advice from MGI Research what you should look for in a billing solution.
  • Hands-on tips on different aspects of billing that deserve additional attention.

An independent industry analyst firm with a focus on modern business applications


Managing Director of MGI Research, Igor Stenmark
CEO of Good Sign, Taija Engman
Host: Marc Wullings

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