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Anna-Lisa Natchev - Good Sign's New Chief Growth Officer

Apr 8, 2022 8:00:00 AM

”Turquoise Unicorn! We’ll Start with a Tenfold Growth by 2026” – Growth Evangelist Anna-Lisa Natchev Paints Intense Goals for Good Sign


The Finnish SaaS company Good Sign, aiming for the top in the global subscription and recurring billing market, is gaining new muscle for its growth. “My title is Chief Growth Officer. I will be aiming at helping our customers grow their businesses. The more our customers grow, the more Good Sign grows,” says Anna-Lisa Natchev, who has already excelled internationally.


”Anna-Lisa is a true growth evangelist and the perfect new addition to our team to make the most of our 10M€ growth funding,” celebrates Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign.”

Finns are great at developing software, but growth is hindered by excessive modesty, assesses Anna-Lisa Natchev. Natchev is the new Chief Growth Officer at Good Sign, a Finnish forerunner in subscription management and recurring billing, and has already made her mark globally.

“Swedish innovations are recognized as some of the best in the world. Swedes know how to stand out! Klarna is pink, while Finnish brands often look all the same. We at Good Sign won't make that mistake.”

“Growth target? Turquoise unicorn! We will start with a tenfold growth by 2026. We have a unique ability to help our customers grow, and we won’t leave that capacity unrealized. The more our customers grow, the more Good Sign grows. When we stand out, we change from an ordinary growth building company to a turquoise unicorn”, states Natchev, painting with the Good Sign brand color.

Natchev has walked the talk. Before Good Sign, Natchev was a key figure when Nomentia, a forerunner in Cash Management and Treasury, nearly tripled its software revenue in just 18 months.

Empowered by flexibility, testing, and distinctiveness 

Megatrends favor Good Sign’s success. The shift from a product business to services and digitalization proceed globally at a tremendous pace. The unpredictability of the world only underscores the need for flexibility, which is the unique strength of Good Sign’s software.

“The recipe for growth? No assumptions. Testing. The methodology is growth hacking.” Natchev sums up in one word the mindset behind Good Sign’s bounce to the top of the world.

“Growth. Customer growth. Good Sign's solution for automated pricing and billing is not only important for decision-makers in financial administration. Our solution is a great tool for all business leaders and growth officers.”

Natchev's analysis of the development of the SaaS business is also very important for growth. “In five years, 75 percent of SaaS solutions will be purchased from marketplaces. Customers want to find compatible solutions instantly and in one place. A successful SaaS solution is easily found in the marketplace and stands out to its advantage. Good Sign is already in both Microsoft’s and ServiceNow’s marketplaces!”


Good Sign received a capital investment from the Finnish private equity company Bocap in the fall. “Anna-Lisa is a real growth evangelist and the perfect addition to our team to make the most of our 10M€ growth funding. We will be making a growth leap: important recruitments have been made, our vision is solidified, and our next steps are planned. Now we’ll fly,” declares Good Sign’s CEO Taija Engman.


Anna-Lisa Natchev, Chief Growth Officer, Good Sign Ltd,
+358 50 4130704, anna-lisa.natchev@goodsign.com

Taija Engman, CEO, and Founder, Good Sign Ltd,
+358 50 372 5142, taija.engman@goodsign.com


Good Sign currently employs 50 people in Finland, the Netherlands, and the USA. The company's turnover of approximately EUR 4 million consists mainly of SaaS services. Good Sign removes pain points in pricing, billing, and monetization of recurring revenue and empowers new business models. Good Sign SaaS automates subscriptions, pay-per-use, and service agreements, complementing customers' CRM and ERP systems. Our customers include Com4, DLL, Fujitsu, and OpusCapita, where Good Sign Software brought significant improvements in customer satisfaction and earnings. 

Taija Engman
Written by Taija Engman

CEO of Good Sign, Taija blogs on digitalization bringing growth and efficiency by building on new business opportunities and customer value.

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