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Benefits of Pricing and Billing Automation

Stop revenue leakage. End manual work. Speed time to market with new services. 


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008-money_stop revenue leakage

no lost revenue

Stop the 5-10% recurring revenue leakage. Book it to your EBIT instead.

010-manual_end of manual work

End manual work

Eliminate 90% of manual work. Gain real-time data transparency.

016-laptop_fast to market

short time to market

Strike 100% flexibility. Gain 70% quicker cash flow.
015-review_customer satisfaction

improved customer experience

Deliver clear and timely invoices and deal with fewer complaints.


Do you know what you are entitled to bill and do you invoice everything you should?

Do you lack a controlled way of measuring the usage of your services?

revenue leakage stopped

No Lost Revenue

Bill in Full all Your Services

You can automate the pricing and billing of various service business models, from simple flat fee subscriptions to complex ecosystem and pay-per-use revenue models. Digital contracts together with products, prices, usage data, and configurable rules form the basis of effective billing automation. This ensures accurate invoices and revenues in full.

Flexibility to Deliver Customer-Specific Invoices

Configurability provides you the flexibility to deliver customer-specific invoices. While automation takes care that everything gets invoiced in full, the ability to respond to customer-specific requirements in invoicing leads to improved customer experience.

Book it in Your Ebit Instead

Automate your service monetization end-to-end and stop delivering assets and services free of charge. Book the typical 5-10% recurring revenue leakage in your EBIT instead.
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Do your employees spend a lot of time each month trying to figure out the justified billing amount keeping them away from real customer value-adding work?

Do you spend significant time handling customer complaints?

manual work stopped



Forget about the ever-recurring hurry in collecting information from all around the organization about billable service events and billing amounts to produce the customer invoice. Good Sign allows you to automate the pricing, billing, and accounting of predefined and usage-based service models resulting in faster cash flow and fewer errors.


The reduction of repetitive manual work through automation leads to improved employee experience since people can use their time for more value-adding activities.

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Hard time in introducing new service business models?

Are you trying to transform your business with new consumption-based revenue models?

Are you seeking growth through new digital businesses?

Does it seem to be hard and time-consuming to transform a new business concept to revenue and cash?

short time to market


Monetize new earning models quickly

With Good Sign, you can introduce new data-driven business models fast. Good Sign Intelligent Rule Engine provides you with the flexibility and scalability to quickly model and automate the monetization of your new recurring services resulting in cash-flow improvement.

Use your existing data

Good Sign software can integrate with your existing data sources, as well as capture external data if you wish, for rule-based pricing, billing, and monetization. 

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Would your customers be happier if only they received accurate and clear invoices?

Do your customers expect more flexible pay per use services with the ability to really ramp up and true down the service?

customer satisfaction

Improved customer experience

Clear and accurate invoices

Good Sign secures timely accurate invoices. It enables consolidation, splitting, and categorization of charges to produce customer-specific invoice content and layouts.

True pay-per-use billing

The rule-based automation engine ensures that charges are created correctly in each billing period. It takes into account the variations in consumption or any other available source data that impacts the billed monetary amounts.

Fewer customer complaints, better customer experience

Improved invoice quality and transparent charges lead to fewer customer complaints about invoicing. Customers value the transparency created by sharing a single source of truth for what is billed. 

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