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Are rigid pricing tools blocking your way? Relax, you’re in good company!

We understand: Your standout product is soaring in the market, driven by the trust your customers place in your flexible, negotiable contracts. Yet, this very customization leads to a proliferation of unique contracts and pricing models – each as distinct as your customers themselves. How can you sustainably manage this diversity without slipping up?

Enter Good Sign: simplifying what seemed complex. Our platform enables you to effortlessly create tailored pricing models for diverse product bundles directly integrating with your existing systems – be it ERP platforms, or CRM tools like Salesforce or HubSpot. Manage the entire contract lifecycle seamlessly and generate accurate, standardized invoices every time. With Good Sign, the days of incorrect invoicing are over.


Connect Your Data Sources Seamlessly from the Start

In a world of rich data, simplicity becomes the cornerstone of efficiency. Good Sign transforms complexity into clarity by seamlessly integrating diverse data sources such as Salesforce, HubSpot,  various financial systems and your own SaaS platform for usage data. This integration is the first step in ensuring your pricing models and billing operations are not only aligned but also intelligent.

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Embrace Unparalleled Pricing Flexibility with Multiple Models

Your pricing strategy isn’t just a part of your business but the heart of its success. Tailor countless pricing models to meet ever-evolving market demands without ever sacrificing precision or ease. Transition away from tedious manual processes and invest your time in enhancing your offerings and customer experience.

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Grow your sales-led business with new insights

As your data becomes a perfect record of transactions, every billing interaction reveals deeper insights. Good Sign helps you pinpoint discrepancies that once went unnoticed and identify lucrative opportunities that propel your sales-led business into new realms of profitability. With each insight, your business grows not just in scale but in sophistication.


What sets Good Sign apart?


Many things actually, but just to name a few...


Contract Lifecycle Management

Limited by price plans? Enter Good Sign's contract lifecycle management to master your customer-specific terms with ease.

Advanced Rule Engine

An AI-era tool to define your pricing and billing models, just as you wish them to be.

Made for Usage and Transactions

Possibly the most flexible pricing and billing tool in the market, Good Sign is made for transactions and usage.

Precision Timing

Pricing and event audit trail from source to invoice, with precision down to the millisecond.

Ecosystem Billing

Resellers, suppliers, partners: automates cost and revenue sharing without limits.

Fast and Easy Integration

Connect with any system and build your end-to-end automation without hassle.


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"Good Sign is a solution for companies who want to automate their invoicing processes and scale up to the next level."
Juho Pakkanen
CFO, Heeros
“Our customers’ needs vary when it comes to invoicing. Now we can serve them better, as we can invoice every customer as we see best – the options are limitless.”
Camilla Samaletdin
Senior Accountant, Enfuce
"Say goodbye to revenue leaks and billing hassles. Good Sign cares about your success."
Kati Kaivaara
Head of CS, OpusCapita

Ensure your growth with flexible subscription management

Learn how to ensure your subscription management capabilites especially on B2B Sales-led growth.


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