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Automate Recurring Billing

Good Sign enables full billing process automation yet enabling reviews, altering, and approvals of invoice content prior to sending.

Timely and accurate invoices

Set billing tasks to run automatically and enjoy the accurate recurring invoices and cash-flow improvement without the need to worry about revenue leakages.

Invoice delivery and payment methods

The actual sending of invoices can happen straight from Good Sign or through an invoice processing service provider. E-bill, paper-bill, and credit card, and other online payment methods are supported. In all cases, you can specify multiple invoice layouts.

Configurable billing schedules

Good sign enables the configuration of customer-specific invoice schedules and recurrences.

Invoice layouts

Regardless of the payment method, you can specify multiple invoice layouts.

Improve customer experience

Demanding customer requirements for cost allocations, invoice line categorizations, consolidations, or divisions can be managed and automated resulting in high customer experience. 

Naturally, with charges, you can allow the creation of manual invoices for specific user groups.

Automate Accounting and Reporting

Automatic Ledger/AR postings

Ensure automatic delivery of the invoice data containing all dimensional data relevant for accounts receivable, and financial ledgers at your required level of aggregation.


Get full transparency to your financial data from original source data to individual charges, invoice lines and financial postings.

Ecosystem settlements and Transfer Invoices

Good Sign manages ecosystem settlements supporting ecosystem businesses and corporations.

Internal Invoices

Automate company internal invoices to book revenues and costs correctly.


If you are in E-commerce, Good Sign handles revenue and tax allocations for credit card payments and provides it to your accounting system.

Process Quality metrics

Set automated exception handling controls to recognize unexpected patterns and support process quality. Good Sign can for example notify you of an abnormally big deviation in the value of two consecutive invoices or  provide you with a list of non-charged items in your offering.

interface with your BI/DW solution

Data from the whole monetization process is available for your DW/BI and reporting tools.

Provision and Orchestrate Services

Good Sign intelligent rule engine enables various automated triggers, alerts, transactions, and outputs for managing and automating processes and service fulfillment.

Ecosystem level orchestration

It enables automated service provisioning and orchestration of multiple automated workflows in your entire service ecosystem needed for true service monetization from usage to cash.

Support for various service processes

Good Sign dynamic database ensures flexibility to handle a spectrum of service product characteristics in different types of industries, businesses and value networks.

Failure management

Triggering of workflows are managed with rules backed up with failure management.


Digital Contract Base

Manage your digital contracts throughout the life-cycle. Configurable and automated alerts and rule-based auto-renewals ease your contract administration work. Good Sign provides true transparency to your contract base including financial transactions and balances.

Retrieve and enrich data

Good Sign can alternatively interface and retrieve contract data from your existing contract management system in which case you might want just to enrich the contracts with pricing and billing relevant parameters.

Blend various pricing models

Associate contract lines with predefined or dynamically derived products and utilize price lists, pricing models for fixed recurring and/or usage-based price elements to find the best combinations of one-time, fixed fee, and consumption-based recurring models.

Flexibility for customer-specific needs

Good Sign's dynamic data model ensures flexibility for managing customer-specific requirements, e.g. billing schedules, on-boarding models, automatic SLAs calculations, and more.

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Use any Source Data

intelligent data-driven billing

A most common use of Good Sign system is to import event data regularly from external sources in Good Sign as the basis for usage or value-based billing.

Use your existing data sources

Good Sign can interface with all your existing data sources simultaneously. The retrieved data can be freely used for setting charging rules and automating intelligent actions as required by your business model.

Enrich with external data

Good Sign can also get data from external data sources enabling you to enrich and complete your revenue model.

charging rules based on source data

Data inputs streams are configured via user interface into objects, containing information source, destination, mapping, import frequency and retention time etc. These objects reflect your business model and are the key building blocks for your rule-based and data-driven pricing and billing. 


Set Charging Rules

Automate your revenue models

Good Sign enables automation of your global, customer or even contract-specific revenue models.

Monetize your assets

Does your company deliver data, content, software, or other unmonetized assets free of charge even though you should charge for it? Good Sign's intelligent rule engine enables you to dynamically define chargeable products based on your existing data.

Flexibility through rule-based charging

Good Sign’s rule-based, data-driven charging models provide extreme flexibility in combining both fixed and variable charge elements to meet even the most complex customer-specific needs. You may utilize any imported or otherwise available data elements to determine a set of rules to execute and automate your desired monetization model.

Billing schedules can be set by customer, product, contract - you name it.

Complement with Manual Charges and Invoices

You can naturally create charges and invoices also manually if needed.


Manage Products


Manage the service catalog, localized product descriptions, customer-specific products. Good Sign’s dynamic service product structure enables multi-tiered and dynamically configurable services, bundles and packages.


You can manage catalog and service product variations driven by e.g. end user, region, customer organization, time and multiple other conditions. Service catalog together with configurable price lists can be used also for offer pricing in tendering phase – interfaced to your CRM and/or with custom UI.


Master pricing and costs

customer-specific pricing 

Manage market, customer or contract level prices, pricing models, price increases, validity periods and more.

usage-based pricing models

Configurable price lists and pricing rules complemented with out-of-the-box usage-based pricing models provide you with a flexible and extensive pricing solution.

data-driven pricing

Price lists can also be imported from external sources or prices can be derived from source data allowing even more flexibility to dynamic pricing.

cost-based pricing and profitability metrics

You can also import and maintain service costs for cost-based pricing, internal charge-backs, partner settlements and commissions providing transparency to profitability metrics.

price simulation

Good Sign pricing simulation is handy for planning new product launches and scheduled price changes.

Create Business Ecosystems

Manage business networks

Set and manage the organization structure and user roles including your own selling companies, customers and ecosystem partners. Good Sign can manage networked supply chains. Ecosystem partners may add value to each other's products, and Good Sign will handle associated settlements and billing to all parties.

inherited and Rule-based settings 

You can, for example, define invoice methods, product and price visibility, language preferences for organization hierarchy or a specific organization.

keep track

Ecosystem structure acts as a logical dimension for viewing and analyzing your digital service contract portfolio, associated charges and invoices across the business ecosystem.

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