Monetizing Services in Your Industry

Respond to Market Opportunities 

Flexibility to innovate and scale recurring revenue

Respond to market opportunities in recurring revenue with flexible subscription, pay-per-use, and circular business offerings. Apply contract lifecycle management and automated pricing, billing, and monetization to help scale your business.

Our solution suits continuous service business and ecosystems in different industries. It complements your current IT landscape, bringing new capabilities.

Good Sign for it services

IT Services

Managed Services, Cloud, Professional Services

Flexible pricing and billing of all services. Good Sign easily connects to data sources like Azure, AWS, Google, ArrowSphere, VMware and tens of more. Manage customer specific pricing and complex contract structures. Split invoices to customer business units or by any customer need. Real customer centricity starts with lovely invoices created automatically with Good Sign.

Good Sign for SaaS

Software as a Service


Manage subscriptions from quote to payments. Use any charging model from flat fee to any usage-based model like tier, volume, overages. Manage B2B contract lifecycles and have real time transparency towards your customers, avoiding churn and maximizing upsell possibilities. Connect to any data source via API or using Good Sign ready made connectors for Hubspot, Stripe and more.

Communications and IOT


IOT, BSS, New Services, MVNOs, Unified Communications

Telecommunication service providers have long excelled in managing subscriptions, but existing systems are seldom perfected for combining a wide offering of subscriptions, support, and other professional services nor for tailoring services to the needs of B2B customers. Contract-level pricing, contract lifecycle management, billing, and accounting capabilities can provide differentiation and cost efficiency for the telcos in the B2B customer segment.


Financial Services, Leasing

Transactions, Subscriptions, Leasing

Financial service providers are bringing new services to market. Customers are expecting digital services with ease of access, flexibility, and transparency. Current capabilities are challenged. New services require new tools also for pricing and billing, often with capability to manage high amount of transactions and pricing variations.

Professional services industry small

Manufacturing, Product as a Service


New business opportunities are created on top of producing, selling and leasing product. Embedded software and IOT allows for usage.-based charging models and pricing based on delivered value. New capabilites are needed to manage transformation from products to usage.

Good Sign for Energy and Utilities

Energy and Utilities

New Services and Circular Economy

Energy and utilities are facing biggest change in decades. Changing regulation and pressure for lower Co2 requires new thinking. Customers are expecting smart services and prefer green values. Altogether this means that new business models are needed. New, agile capabilites are needed on pricing and billing to master the transformation.

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