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What can I do with Good Sign®?

You can monetize any recurring business model, from single subscriptions to large contracts. Automate your pricing, billing and sales accounting. Use any source data for usage-based revenue models. Manage the contract lifecycle, and scale up to provisioning and automated fulfillment. Automate your monetization intelligently with the Good Sign SaaS solution. 

automate recurring billing
Automate Recurring Billing
automate invoices and accounting
Automate accounting and reporting
service provision and orchestration
Provision and orchestrate services
Manage contract lifecycle
use source data
Use any source data
Set charging rules
Set charging rules
Manage products
Manage products
manage pricing and costs
Manage pricing and costs
manage service ecosystems
Create business ecosystems

Software for flexible monetization


Create an attractive offering with customer-specific pricing

Effective pricing means having the ability to freely blend predefined and data-driven pricing models for recurring and one-time services. 

Our software enables list prices, exception pricing, and dynamic pay-per-use and rule-based pricing for subscriptions, services, and assets.


Always bill correctly and transparently, without manual work

Billing is a key issue that affects the customer experience, not just a back-office functionality. 

Our software is purpose-built to enable flexible billing automation in data-driven, usage, and outcome-based services. You can also satisfy customer-specific billing allocation requirements.



Automate your recurring business monetization end-to-end

Monetization is the process of turning a business concept into traceable fulfillment, revenue, and cash. 

Our software allows you to extend automation beyond pricing and billing both internally and for a complete partner ecosystem. You can manage subscriptions, orchestrate services and automate sale-related financial accounting.


Our software capabilities

Monetize your data-driven earning models. Good Sign software connects your sales channels with back-office service fulfillment and finance systems, automating pricing, billing, sales accounting, and service orchestration.


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Shorten the time to market and stop the typical 5-10% recurring revenue leakage!

We help you gain quicker cash flow, higher profits, and improved customer experience.


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Price plans

Our pricing is based on your monthly billing volume. Explore our price plans, or contact us for further details.

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The intelligent rule engine and dynamic data model form the core of our software. Good Sign connects CRM and E-commerce with usage data, back-end financial systems, and ERP.

  • Secure and scalable
  • Dynamic data model
  • Powerful rule engine
  • API connectivity
  • 4,000,000,000 annual transactions


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Connected with ServiceNow

Good Sign is certified by ServiceNow. The connector between the solutions is easy to switch on. 

Read more about Good Sign ServiceNow Pricing and Billing.

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Connected with Microsoft

Integrate with Microsoft 365 Office tools, Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure Cloud as well as Microsoft Azure Partner API.

Read more about Good Sign's data flows with Microsoft technologies:

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Connected with 300 other systems

Connect data with Microsoft, Oracle, Paypal, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow as well as AWS, Google, Microsoft, VMware, and other Clouds.

Download our list of over 300 system interfaces.

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Our services

Use our professional services to pilot, go live and extend, and start gaining the benefits now.


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The Good Sign Solution enables us pricing on the fly - like no other front or back-office system I have come across before. We can also create charges from the data automatically in real-time."

Tommy Kankkonen

Director of Development, Technopolis