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Subscription Pricing and Billing

Future-Proof Pricing and Billing Automation at Enfuce



Subscription Management for a fast-growing fintech company

Enfuce is a one-stop shop for modern card issuing and payment processing. Founded in 2016, Enfuce has become one of Europe’s leading payment processors that delivers cutting edge debit, prepaid, and credit card solutions across Europe and scaling globally. With Enfuce card solutions, traditional banks, neobanks, fintechs, and enterprises can create next-level payment experiences for their end users now and into the future.

Enfuce is scaling up fast and the speed was boosted with a series C funding of 45 million Euros in late 2021. At that time Enfuce had already over 13 million active card users on their platform, generating a vast amount of transactions.

To ensure future success, Enfuce was looking for a system that could keep up with their expanding demands and facilitate the efficient management of subscription pricing and billing.



Camilla Samaledtin Enfuse
“Our customers’ needs vary when it comes to invoicing. Now we can serve them better, as we can invoice every customer as we see best – the options are limitless.”
Camilla Samaletdin
Senior Accountant, Financial Services, Enfuce
manual work stopped


Human errors in billing are eliminated with an automated process that collects transactions, matches them automatically to customer contracts, sets the right price for transactions, and finally generates the invoice.



Correct and transparent billing ensures revenue and also customer satisfaction. With Good Sign, Enfuce is able to ensure there will be no revenue leakage and all transactions are correctly rated.

Customer-centric invoicing

Customer-Centric Invoicing

Customers are delighted with invoice specifications matching customers' needs, not forgetting invoicing with preferred currencies.


Manual Work​ and Lack of Transparency in Service Billing

To cope with the growth and ensure scalability, Enfuce was looking for a system to enable the management of subscription pricing and billing also when the company grows. They were looking for subscription management software that can solve the pricing and billing challenges like:

  • Manual work in service pricing and billing
  • Lack of transparency and control over service contracts
  • Inability to grow profitably without billing automation.

Targets For The Project

There were several targets set for the new subscription management system: the system was to be able to manage future growth, the plan is to grow significantly without compromising profitability, and billing should be able to manage also high invoice and customer volumes.

  • Manage complex contracts and terms: One customer may have multiple contracts with multiple terms
  • With a modular product, the pricing varies between customers
  • Automate pricing and billing
  • Ensure transparency and control of service contracts
  • Enable profitable growth through automation and operational excellence.


Billing Process Transparent and Automated

Good Sign delivered Enfuce a future-proof subscription management solution: 

  • Pricing and billing are automated allowing a variety of customer-specific pricing options.
  • Automatic currency conversion enables invoicing in different currencies without any manual work to serve international customers.
  • Automated usage-data flow through API.
  • Automated rating of usage data.


  • Enfuce can serve its international customers with the currencies they prefer
  • Flexibility to easily add more currencies in the future
  • Customer-centric invoicing - Enfuce can invoice based on their customers' needs – options are limitless.

Forerunner in Fintech, Enfuce identified a need for an innovative subscription management solution to meet their scaling demands. Good Sign provided them with the answer, providing a system that serves their business needs now and in the future.


Improve billing transparency, efficiency, and customer experience as effectively as Enfuce


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