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You can Overcome Billing Complexity

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We know the score – your company excels in offering specialized IT services and products, and your customers love you. However, the complexity of managing numerous transactions and bundles brings major challenges in pricing, billing, and contract management. All of this takes time and stands in the way of growth. If not addressed, it can develop into a significant blocker for your business.

Managing complex billing is challenging, but not with Good Sign. Our versatile pricing and billing platform makes this easier by connecting the right level of billing information to customized invoices, entirely automatically. Extract usage data from your databases and generate detailed, customized invoices at the click of a button. We’re not here to save you time in billing but to buy you more time in developing your offering.



Navigate Your Pricing and Billing Pathway with Confidence


Automation allows for the removal of all unnecessary manual steps from the process. The amount of manual work is typically huge: from data extraction and consolidation to manually matching billing items to customer contract terms, or crediting erroneous invoices and finding the correct amount of usage from various records.

This manual work is both visible and mostly hidden, as many employees do it on top of their other duties. Automation improves productivity and enhances employee satisfaction, as time spent on repetitive manual routines is redirected to more productive tasks.




As your services and products diversify, Good Sign keeps your billing accurate. Automate your pricing and billing processes regardless of the number of offerings or their complexity. With us, different configurations and prices enhance rather than complicate your product codes and delivery.

By linking invoice lines directly to charges and service data records, we ensure that your billing is both timely and verifiable, enhancing customer satisfaction and trust.

Good Sign facilitates the separation of data record creation, charge generation, and invoicing, allowing for early charge creation and ongoing validation throughout the billing cycle. This not only streamlines operations but also closes gaps in billing targets, preventing revenue leakage.


Stay firmly in control of customer interactions.

All of your data will be integrated onto one seamless platform. With Good Sign, feeding the correct information into specific invoices becomes effortless, ensuring accuracy from the onset.

We empower you to handle pricing management complexity – blending consumption data over specific periods, analyzing peak usage, and combining multiple components for capacity services.


Maximize the potential of your usage data

With flawless data records, Good Sign helps you identify billing inefficiencies and unveils new monetization opportunities. For the first time, see your operations clearly and discover untapped profit potential.

Good Sign enhances your billing accuracy by automatically detecting and reporting inconsistencies if parameters deviate from established norms. Our approach helps identify unnoticed billing errors and maintain impeccable data records.

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Easily connect your favorite systems

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and databases, centralizing necessary invoicing information into a single, coherent view. Whether your customers require detailed breakdowns of consumption data or prefer a summary of the essentials, our solution adapts to meet their needs.

With real-time data retrieval, changes in usage or contract details are accurately reflected in each invoice, ensuring timeliness and correctness. Rely on Good Sign's versatile pricing engine to enhance your billing confidence and eliminate the risk of inaccurate invoices.

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What sets Good Sign apart?

Many things actually, but just to name a few...


Advanced Rule Engine

An AI-era tool to define your pricing and billing models, just as you wish them to be.

Precision Timing

Pricing and event audit trail from source to invoice, with precision down to the millisecond.

Ecosystem Billing

Resellers, suppliers, partners: automates cost and revenue sharing without limits.

Flexible Pricing and Rating Tools

Possibly the most flexible pricing and billing tool in the market – and all in one place.

Revenue Recognition

Automatic transfer to accounting, with the correct level of detail and precision.

Fast and Easy Integration

Connect with any system and build your end-to-end automation without hassle.


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“With Good Sign we are prepared to grow”
Jarno Oksanen
CFO, ATEA Finland
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"What we needed was a next-generation mediation and billing system."
Tero Lappalainen
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“We struggled to find an exceptionally flexible solution to fully cover our needs in pricing and billing – and Good Sign delivered.”
Juhani Pajala
Development Director, Enfo

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