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Taija is a goal-driven business leader with years of experience in heading software businesses and leading customer projects. She is passionate about bringing customers value. Before founding Good Sign, Taija worked at Fujitsu for 15 years, where she was heading ERP Business most recently leading the Nordic Service Development and Marketing before heading ERP Business. Taija holds MSc at Aalto University School of Science at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, having majored in Business and IT.

Taija Engman

CEO, Founder, Board Member

Janne is enthusiastic about enabling new business models and improving efficiency via intelligent automation. Janne leads our solution consulting and provides to customers with his expertise in business and solution design. He draws from his long experience in international service business, and in successfully managing and developing recurring revenue monetization projects to our customers. Janne has earlier worked with Vaisala, eCraft, Tana and former Cultor Group, which belongs to Danisco today. Janne is a Master of Science at Aalto University School of Science at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Janne Kivilaakso

VP of Solution Consulting

Tuomas is responsible for Good Sign’s partner ecosystem and business development. Tuomas is an experienced cloud business leader with technology skills. He is passionate about partner and customer success, value-added, and building loyal relationships. Tuomas has a strong international and domestic experience. Previously Tuomas worked at Techila Technologies as Vice President of Business Development. Tuomas holds an MSc in Engineering at Tampere University of Technology, having majored in Software Systems and Industrial Management.

Tuomas Eerola

Director of Business Development

Ossi is an experienced board professional who works on the boards in several growing technology companies. He is the chairman of the board in for example the following software companies: Good Sign, Qentinel, Blue Meteorite (Sininen Meteoriitti), and Oscar Software. Previously he has also led for instance the boards of Idean and Fluido before they were sold to Capgemini and Infosys. Before becoming a board professional, Ossi held a long career at Oracle and Andersen Consulting.

Ossi Pohjola

Chairman of the Board

Customer value and experience come first for Tuomo. He leads our support and service management teams and is responsible for our customer relationships. His goal is to continuously improve our service processes. His previous experience is from a variety of customer relationship marketing, development and management roles with Modera Software, Nissan Automotive, and Fujitsu. Tuomo holds several certifications in project and service management and educational background at the University of Oulu.

Tuomo J.S. Lehtinen

VP of Customer Success

Miika is highly experienced in operational procedures, architectures, systems development, and interfacing with a wide variety of environments. Miika leads the development of our data-driven automation and delivery to customers' advanced data requirements. He promotes process automation as a tool for reducing customer’s workload and for freeing time for new innovation. Previously Miika worked at Fujitsu for 11 years, where his latest responsibility was leading the development of Fujitsu operator/XaaS business support systems.

Miika Flink

Director of Solution Development, Founder, Board Member

Petri is taking the good news to the world. He meets with customers discussing the pain points and showing the solution. Petri is an experienced business leader with a strong background in business management systems within several industries. Previously Petri worked for ADP Dealer Services for 7 years, as head of new global business area, and Nordic HR. Earlier experience Petri had with 7 years at Fujitsu in operations management, sales, and software development. Petri holds MSc in Computer Science at the Helsinki University.

Petri Takala

VP of Sales and Marketing

Juha’s mission is to simplify the indefinite, to remove the redundant and to automate the rest. Juha is known for his industry expertise and he promotes innovation. Previously Juha worked at Fujitsu for 21 years. His latest responsibility at Fujitsu was Senior Development Officer working on offering management in the Nordics concerning Telecom services. Earlier responsibilities were among others Director of Mobile and Internet Services and Manager of Professional Services.

Juha Korsimaa

CTO, Founder, Board Member

Näbil is responsible for our finance and legal operations. He is devoted to keeping us on track. For the past years, Näbil’s focus has been on contract management, corporate governance, compliance, and corporate law. Previously Näbil lead a variety of business development projects in data privacy, GDPR, credit/invoice/cash management, restructuring customer service processes, and software. He has held positions e.g. at Ilmarinen, Etera and Danske Bank. Näbil is a Master of Science in Law at Helsinki University

Näbil Radi

General Counsel, Head Business Administration