Service delivery and billing integrated

New level of operational efficiency at Enfo



Intelligent automation for service pricing and billing

Enfo needed robust and flexible software to end manual work in gathering service content and usage-based billing data for customer contracts and to automate pricing and billing.

To streamline their internal operations and to get the flexibility to stay competitive, Enfo partnered with Good Sign and can now digitalize the old, the new, and the future business models and pricing schemes.

"We struggled to find an exceptionally flexible solution to fully cover our needs in pricing and billing – and Good Sign delivered."
Juhani Pajala
Director of Development, Enfo
manual work stopped

End of manual work

Pricing and billing of complex and customer-specific contracts automated.

revenue leakage stopped

No lost revenue

Automation based on real-time information from operational systems drives accurate invoicing volumes.

customer satisfaction increased

Improved customer satisfaction

Invoice accuracy and capability to provide customer-specific invoices.


complex and broad service offering

The increased complexity and extended service offering challenged Enfo's way of working in pricing and billing: 

  • Challenges with charging complex and bundled service products
  • Hundreds of contracts made over the years most with customer-specific prices
  • Challenging to response customers’ demand for consolidating and splitting invoices according to each customer’s requirements
  • Too labor-intensive billing data collection process
  • Too slow invoicing process
  • No financial visibility



Pricing, billing, and monetization automated

With Good Sign’s solution, it is possible to have full support for customer-specific contract terms and multidimensional contract structures. 

Good Sign reads data from Enfo’s operational tools, service source systems and ITSM tool. Usage-data is mediated, consolidated and validated according to predefined rules and alerts. Automated pricing and billing rules drive chargebacks and billing for Enfo’s customer contracts. Invoices are consolidated and split according to each customer’s requirements, delivered to customers and booking data is transferred to the financial system.



New level of operational efficiency

Good Sign’s Solution reduces manual work and increases quality and speed in Enfo’s charging and billing operations. The whole service management, customer experience, and capability for operational planning improved by having transparent and detailed data available at any time throughout the service history and archives. From a real-time status to any agreed changes in the future.

A quarter after initiating the use of Good Sign's Service Business Monetization Solution with the selected customer contracts, Enfo was already able to see emerging benefits: 

  • Increased revenue from being able to end revenue leakage and seize opportunities for additional revenues.
  • Improved cash flow from increased revenues, speed and quality as well as profit improvement.
  • Competitive advantage from flexible usage-based pricing and being able to offer customized services cost-efficiently.
  • Data quality - no double records. Transparency from contract and service transactions to billing data and financial transactions.
  • Savings in process costs and maintenance, removing manual work and idle costs.
  • Enhanced risk management and compliance, and improved internal data integrity.

About Enfo

Enfo is a Nordic IT service company enabling their customers’ data-driven business transformation. 
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