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Technology overview

Good Sign is easy to deploy cloud-based software. It adapts to your business model and size thanks to its dynamic user interface, dynamic data model, configurable rule engine, and highly scalable architecture.

API connectors and unique data mediators ensure quick and effective connectivity to surrounding systems and services. Our powerful orchestration engine may be set to command internal and external digital services.

The dynamic qualities and connectivity allow a smooth transition from legacy/manual to smart automated processes. Modern automation can be introduced parallel with existing systems.

Good Sign complements your current IT landscape bringing new capabilities!



  • Secure cloud, where all customers have each their own database also in a multi-tenant cloud
  • Three-level authentication for extra safety
  • Qualified data protection with GDPR compliancy
  • The dynamic user interface adapts to the customer's business model
  • Dynamic data model adapts to customer's business data
  • The rule-based core logic for ultimate flexibility
  • API for easy connectivity
  • Possibility to run on-premise
  • Built with proven Microsoft technology: SQL Server and .NET


  • Supported browsers are Firefox, Edge, Chrome
  • Recommended screen resolution is at least 1600x1200

Secure and Scalable Architecture

Good Sign Cloud runs in an ISO-certified data center with high-level security. Data is located in the European Union. You can also select to utilize Azure Regions. If our effective cloud is not an option, we can provide for running customers’ own Azure instance or on-premise.

Security is at the core of our architecture. For example, in a shared multi-tenant cloud configuration Good Sign stores customer data in a customer-specific dedicated database, thus fully isolating the instances.

Scalability is also deep in our architectural design. Capacity is extensible and e.g. heavy data load requirements can be supported using isolated mediation capacity. 


Scalable, Proven Architecture

Based on Microsoft SQL and .Net.

Already 4 000 000 0000 data transactions are processed annually.


Power to Use Any Source Data 

Our mediation can validate, consolidate and filter incoming data. 

Also, no touch needed if data changes to include more data fields.


Dynamic Data and Configurable Rule Engine

A dynamic data model and powerful rule engine together create ultimate flexibility for existing and future business models.

Technical Capabilities and Features

Take a look at what is under the hood. We have listed below the key capabilities and features, which we offer with our technology.

Essentials Advanced Premium Trial in POC/Pilot
UI and Access
Standard UI
Role based access management
User interface language English
Customer, product and invoice descriptions w Unicode support
Customized dynamic UI services
Customized access management
Customized user interface language
Intelligent Automation Engine
Rule engine
Trigger-event based orchestration engine
Timeline tracking, log, change history
Customized ordinary dynamic elements
Customized extended dynamic elements
Exceptional option for custom code
Integration Engine
API & interface engine
Integration monitoring dashboard
Integration alerts
Data mediation engine
Customized integration monitoring
Customized integration alerts
Technical Environment
Standard base cloud environment
Standard base cloud higher usage
Standard base cloud test environment
Standard base cloud sandbox environment
Standard base cloud add-on options
Customized cloud configuration
Custom on-premise
Incoming and Outgoing Transactions with Operators
SMS messages
Outgoing e-mail invoices
Outgoing e-invoices
Incoming reference payments
Credit card payments

Tested and Audited Security

Our Software and Technology are security tested and audited both externally and internally.

Information security experts of Second Nature Security have tested the technical and administrative security of our service and servers reporting no critical nor major issues in conclusion.

The safety of our cloud is guarded based on the ISO9001: 2015 quality standard, the ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 security standard, and the requirements of the IT service management and management standard ISO / IEC20000-1: 2011.

We also use OWASP continuously to assess security.

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Connected with ServiceNow

Good Sign is certified by ServiceNow. The connector between the solutions is easy to switch on. 

Read more about Good Sign ServiceNow Pricing and Billing.

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Connected with Microsoft

Integrate with Microsoft 365 Office tools, Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP, Power BI, SQL Server, Azure Cloud as well as Microsoft Azure Partner API.

Read more about Good Sign's data flows with Microsoft technologies:

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Connected with 300 other systems

Connect data with Microsoft, Oracle, Paypal, Salesforce, SAP, ServiceNow, AWS, Google, Microsoft, VMware, and other Clouds.

Download our list of over 300 system interfaces.

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