Data driven billing automation

Harmonized data collection combined with flexible pricing and billing to support growth. 






Transparent Billing Process

The Nordic IT infrastructure market leader ATEA was facing a challenge with growing billing volumes, which included a lot of manual work and possibilities for mistakes in billing. Good Sign helped ATEA automate their pricing and billing for current and future services, leading to a more streamlined and transparent billing process – a solid foundation for future growth.


"With Good Sign pricing and billing automation, we are prepared for future growth"
Jarno Oksanen
CFO, Atea Finland
manual work stopped


Automated billing data collection from multiple sources.


Flexible pricing

Flexible pricing to support current and future business models

revenue leakage stopped


All service events are automatically recorded, priced, and billed.


growing volumes with manual work

ATEAs billing volumes have been growing fast. Billing processes included lots of manual work, including consolidating billing data from number of different sources and that raised concern of mistakes in billing. At the same time, growing volumes was a challenge for the process and it’s future scalability. Pricing and billing terms are customer-oriented and there are lots of customer specific rules and practices on billing and data processing.



automated pricing and billing of current and future services

Modern service billing is very much about data. That common understanding was also the foundation for the ATEA – Good Sign co-operation. Harmonized data, controlled data streams and finally flexible pricing that allows customer-oriented operations were common targets. End-to-end automation reduces errors and improves billing quality.



revenue leakage stopped with a transparent billing process

Harmonized data collection and automated invoicing is a solid foundation for future growth and also lower risks for revenue leakage.

  • Flexible pricing allows for easy implementation of future services.
  • Automation reduces mannual work and ensures billing process scalability.
  • Controlled processes and automation improve billing quality and customer satisfaction.


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Gain as full transparency into billing as ATEA

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