Subscriptions management for a circular economy

Good Sign powers Fortum's HorsePower with a comprehensive solution managing pricing, billing, subscriptions and logistics chain orchestration.



Category: Case Study
Industry: Energy
Solution: Subscription and logistics process management for renewable energy business

Capabilities to operate  subscription-based business model


Fortum HorsePower, a circular economy service, chose Good Sign for end-to-end automation from pricing and service activation to manage logistics process and billing. Since the HorsePower business model differs from Fortum's traditional business, they needed a solution that could help them manage subscription-based and logistics-intensive business model. 


”Good Sign helps us to streamline our sales and logistics management processes. I’m expecting a significant reduction in efforts and costs needed to manage our deliveries and invoicing. I’m glad that now we can focus on more value-creating tasks. We can also monetize performed services faster than before”.

Anssi Paalanen

VP, Fortum HorsePower

Customer-Centric Services

Customers can configure the service to match their individual timetables and required service content.


Speed to market increased

Flexibility and ability to adapt any business model helped Fortum to bring new service in the market just in few months.

Ecosystem enabled

Automated service orchestration and monetization on an ecosystem of sawmills, horse stables, power plants, and logistic operators. 



Fortum is the 9th largest heat producer and active in the field of renewable energy. Fortum HorsePower is one of the renewable energy business units offering subscription-based waste management for horse stables and utilizing the waste in heat production.

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Support required for new Subscription-based and logistics-intensive business model

With its HorsePower business Fortum is both helping Horse stables to manage manure and using it to produce heat and replace other non-renewable sources of energy. They needed a flexible solution to manage subscription-based and logistics-intensive business model. Because of the required quick time to market for the new service, it was not possible to use the existing information systems and Fortum evaluated systems which could manage the required operations:

  • dynamic service pricing
  • customer contracts which control for example logistics process
  • logistics operator integrations and orchestration
  • pay-per-use subscription billing


Service business platform for subscriptions, pricing, service orchestration, and automated billing

With one single software Fortum manages the process from customer contracts to billing. Good Sign software at Fortum covers:

  • Dynamic data model making customer-specific pricing easy without massive manual work
  • Automatic, recurring creation of transport orders based on the subscription and customer feedback
  • An easy way for the transport operators to update delivered amounts almost real-time
  • Automatic invoicing based on the realized service execution



significant reduction of manual work, Increased quality, and quicker cash flow

Good Sign Software reduced vastly manual work done previously with pricing, managing logistics and billing the stables. At the same time, the quality has increased because of fewer errors and delay in the process. With the help of Good Sign software, Fortum HorsePower is able to grow and improve cash flow at least 15 days.


“We saw that Good Sign was the most flexible and most innovative solution."

Anssi Paalanen

VP, Fortum HorsePower

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