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HubSpot with Good Sign

Combine HubSpot with the ultimate subscription management flexibility 

Gain instant benefits

  • For sales and account managers: see your customer’s invoices and contracts directly from Hubspot. Seize upsell possibilities.
  • For finance: ensure important customer information is available on customer front as well
  • For the whole team: increase transparency and awareness of customer status through the company
  • Run any consumption or pay-per-use business model and ensure business growth by pricing flexibility
  • Automate recurring billing and revenue recognition



Your favorite CRM combined with Subscription flexibility

  • Good Sign gives complete control over contract lifecycle management with any pricing model, including volume, tier, and other usage-based charging.  
  • Easily apply customer-specific prices and use any data source to track usage. 
  • See customer contract and invoices directly from Hubspot, the tool sales and account managers are familiar with.



Manage Any Subscription Model

Use Good Sign's flexibility to easily create any pricing model and track any usage data stream. No more manual steps in subscription management, and no hassle to consolidate customers' usage to invoice.   


Automatically Integrate Data

HubSpot is automatically enriched with up-to-date subscription, contract, and invoicing data from Good Sign. 


Lead-to-Cash Powerhouse

Combining HubSpot and Good Sign creates a lead-to-cash powerhouse that is able to cover even the most complex usage-based business models. 


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Ready to go with just few clicks

  • For installation, you only need to link Hubspot ID with GoodSign ID.
  • After that, you are ready to go!




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