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Good Sign Subscription Management


Good Sign Subscription Management for SaaS helps you to automate your pricing and billing, enabling full control of the customer contract portfolio and offering transparency to the process, as well as flexible reporting. 

Ensure Your Growth

  • Grow Scalable Services Globally
  • Enable Customer-Centric and Data-Driven Pricing
  • Empower Lovable Billing

What Is Included

  • Contract Lifecycle
  • Subscription Management
  • Pay-Per-Use And Transaction Data
  • Saas Analytics
  • Api

What Will You Get

  • Fully Control Your Contract Portfolio
  • Gain Single Source Of Truth
  • Automate Accounting And Reporting

What Are Your Pain Points in Managing Your SaaS Business?

SaaS Growth Is too Slow

Optimize the revenue growth of accelerated new sales and upsell after onboarding with new pricing models.

Customer expectations increasingly demanding

Use agreed price drivers to ensure that your sales team can adjust offer prices on the fly. Offer the personalized value your customers demand. Use scalable software to digitalize all pricing and billing rules.


Lack of visibility to the business

Proper SaaS metrics and open data improve visibility and facilitate change.

Pay-Per-Use models are difficult to manage

Transactions and pay-per-use models are as easy as fixed subscriptions with the proper tool.

Switching from a start-up to a scale-up model

Use automated pricing and billing software that supports your growth, enables internationalization, and provides real-time metrics so you can learn and make changes.


What Can You Do With Good Sign Subscription Management?

With Good Sign you can have

  • Flexible contract management that can easily adapt your contracts and pricing.
  • An extensive and solid API integration that allows for indefinite data flows.
  • An ability to monitor SaaS metrics, performance, and growth plans in real-time.



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