Leasing life cycle management

Leasing process automated from quotation to billing.




Company Growth Supported by End-to-End Automation 

Good Sign provided Järvileasing with a complete solution for leasing asset management. It covers quotations, contract life cycle management, billing automation for fixed and variable contract elements, and a customer portal. Automation supports Järvileasing's rapid growth and has helped them gain a significant position in the market just within three years.

Leasing asset management

Leasing asset management streamlined

The digital process from quotation to billing.

Electronic invoice

Cash flow improved

Cash flow improved through automation and accurate just-in-time invoicing.

manual work stopped

Manual work reduced

Contract life cycle status with one view. Automation frees time from administration to customer service.

”Now sales can dedicate their time to serving new customers without getting stuck with the disorganized paperwork and follow-up. Now we can also build a truly digital ecosystem connecting customers with our services, vehicle supplier, workshops and all other partners.”
Petri Järvi
Founder, Järvileasing


Manual work prevented the growth

For modern car leasing, the key to success is the ability to combine excellent digital customer service with efficient automated internal operations.

As a startup Järvileasing soon realized that it needed a flexible system to relieve the staff from the administrative workload caused by rapid expansion. By multiplying the leasing base quarterly for the first year and beyond, they found themselves in an unfavorable situation where a significant part of the resources had to be directed to double-checking the contract data, looking for the attachments, handling the delivery dates, and keeping track of the services and maintenance schedules.

Additionally, while having the hands tied in managing the complex contracts and stacks of documents the invoicing could be delayed up to a month. By not being able to bill the customers in a timely matter, Järvileasing had to bind excess capital to finance the customers' contracts.

To support growth Järvileasing decided on some guidelines for the operations:

  • automation should be implemented as far as possible,
  • Järvileasing should offer modern digital services for customers,
  • the base for growth is ecosystem thinking and the ability to add value for all players within the network,
  • support for flexible pricing and new business models.



Leasing process automated from quotation to billing

Good Sign’s digital services platform acts as a "digital era ERP” for Järvileasing but with full end-to-end automation and flexibility.

Good Sign is the master for customer contracts and data and handles the customer life cycle all the way from composing an offer to detailing a contract through to automated billing – with notifications and customer portals to increase customer communication.

The key is Good Sign’s rule engine which is able to use contract data for timely automation decreasing lead time and avoiding errors caused by manual work.





Lead Time DECREASED and Errors AVOIDED 

With Good Sign Solution, Järvileasing created a good base for growth and got:

  • tools to enable the easy creation of even complex leasing offers and contracts,
  • digital contracts mastering service delivery and customer service,
  • timely and automatic invoicing based on the leasing contracts
  • actions and alarms based on the digital contract terms,
  • role-based customer user interface with the ability to offer many value-added services,
  • portal and API for partner communication and distributed service process management.

All these together mean a quality service experience and fast processes for customers, a back office with minimal manual labor, and a 15-20 days cash flow improvement. But this is only the start. The next step will be increasing efficiency within the whole ecosystem including customers and partners by automating distributed processes.



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Järvileasing is a young, fast-growing car leasing company with an expected turnover of 50 million euros year 2019. Järvileasing combines local sales and active customer service with the benefits of digital processes and automation. Read more:


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