New Level in Service Pricing and Billing

Data-driven billing from data centers and clouds to network infrastructure.

Category: Case Study
Industry: Telecom, Managed service provider
Solution: Pricing, billing and monetization automated

"What we needed, was a next-generation mediation and billing system. Honestly, it was something that did not exist."

Tero Lappalainen

Head of Tools and Automation, Managed Infrastructure Service, EMEIA at Fujitsu

Effective, timely and flexible service billing 

Fujitsu needed automation for billing to gain efficiency and to improve quality. Manual processes were replaced with end-to-end automation. The automation covers reading usage data from source devices and operations and matching it automatically to customer agreement. With Good Sign's solution, Fujitsu now offers its customers accurate and transparent billing with self-service tools.

quicker cashflow

Billing lead-time reduced by two weeks or more



customer satisfaction improved

Accuracy and transparency of billing information increased. Customer-specific needs to be reflected in the content of the invoice.

End of manual work

Time spent reduced from days to minutes. Required resources decreased by 90%




Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company, offering a full range of technology products, solutions, and services. Approximately 132,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries.

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Fujitsu Nordic's invoicing used to be weeks behind the actual service delivery. Basic manual billing data collection and billing were eating up too many resources. With up to 20 persons managing the billing and trying to tackle the complicated client contracts and detailed billing requirements, top management at Fujitsu realized that the entire process had to be more efficient and effective. They needed a next-generation mediation and billing system.



GOOD SIGN AUTOMATEs Service billing

Fujitsu uses the Good Sign Solution for service activations, usage data metering, customer contract management, cost management, chargebacks, pricing, and billing.

  • Service activations and provisioning for telecom subscriptions
  • Usage data mediation from core systems like server management, backup management, license management, and cloud service providers
  • Contract management keeping contract and service production in sync
  • Cost allocation to business units based on realized service production
  • Customer-specific invoice content like invoice splittings, groupings, and embedded financial postings
  • Automated chargebacks and commission calculations
  • Reseller invoicing



Billing lead time decreased by two weeks, manual work eliminated and cash flow improved

Fujitsu was able to decrease billing lead time by two weeks or more. Work that involved tens of people is now managed by two professionals. At the same time, the accuracy and transparency of billing information have improved and Fujitsu can produce customer-specific invoice content. All this means happier customers.



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