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Sometimes reading intense materials is too time-consuming. That's why we have prepared a solid selection of videos and podcasts, just for you.



Watch the video to learn about common SaaS pain points and identify solutions.


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Pain Point 1: Revenue Leakage Eats Growth and Profits

Revenue leakage is a big challenge facing companies with a recurring revenue model. At Good Sign, we hear about this happening all the time. Watch the video to hear about our solution to this common pain.


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Pain Point 2: Too much manual work and slow cash flow

Many companies with a recurring revenue model struggle with slow cash flow and an excess of manual work. We have developed a solution. Watch the video to see more.


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Pain Point 3: Slow Time to Market with new offerings

This pain occurs when existing processes and systems do not support the quick implementation of new offerings and pricing strategies. Watch the clip to see how Good Sign gives freedom from restrictive IT systems.


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Pain Point 4: Billing Problems Hurting Customer Satisfaction

Are billing problems hurting your customer satisfaction? Incorrect or unclear invoices can create friction between customers and service providers. See the video and hear how Good Sign solves this problem.


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Many companies with recurring revenue business models struggle with transparency and IFRS/GAAP compliance. Watch this video to see how Good Sign makes it easy. 


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Are you in the subscription business or do you sell other types of services on a pay-per-use basis? Or are you now looking for opportunities; what as-a-service business model could provide for your company? We have identified the top 5 most common pain points in recurring revenue businesses. Watch the video!

Read a blog post about the pain points


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Watch a video where Taru Puntari from OpusCapita discusses automating the pricing and billing of contract-based products related to source-to-pay, cash management, and invoice receiving processes. 

Read a blog post about OpusCapita's solution


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In this 30 s video, you can get an overview of how to manage subscriptions to customer contracts and usage. 


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Pricing, Billing, Monetization with Good Sign Subscription Management

Explore how you can help grow your organization with subscription management software in under a minute.


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A ready-made solution for SaaS companies to automate the service pricing and billing, enabling full control of the customer contract portfolio and offering transparency to the process, as well as flexible reporting. Watch this 2:30 video to see how it works.


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The City Of Lahti Enables Personal Carbon Trading

The Finnish city of Lahti, European Green Capital in 2021, has a goal to be a carbon-neutral city by 2025. Watch the video on how new modern services can be enabled by a flexible billing platform. 

Read more about Lahti's solution


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Full Transparency for a CFO into Customer Contracts

Take a look at a panel discussion recording about how to transform a company with legacy contracts into an “as-a-service” business. How to transform an established company into a scalable “as-a-service” business? How to gain financial visibility into customer contracts? Video length 20 minutes.

PANELISTS: Andrew Dailey, Managing Director of MGI Research, Heikki Hirvensalo, a Senior Consultant from Good Sign, and Paul Vemer, Director and Founder of PossibilIT BV (Part of 4NG)

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The 5 Pain Points in Service Billing Video Blog

Taija Engman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Good Sign talks about service billing in a video blog series of 6 episodes, filmed at her family cottage at lakeside in Finland. 

This first session is about the five most common pain points in the recurring revenue business model. 

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Revenue Leakage Eats Growth and Profits Video Blog

Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign accompanied by Bea, the dog, continues her lakeside video blogging about the 5 most common pain points in service billing. This second video is about Revenue Leakage, which is a huge challenge in many companies in the recurring revenue business. Click the video to watch.

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Too Much Manual Work In Service Billing Video Blog

Taija Engman, with her dog Bea, talks about how manual processes in pricing and billing cause delays and errors.

When any service content, change, and price-related aspects of a contract are left to manual administration, it easily means costs, delays, errors, revenue leakage, and more customer complaints. 

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Slow Time To Market Video Blog

This pain point is one of the top five in recurring revenue monetization. Launching new business initiatives can be extremely hard and time-consuming because the existing processes and billing systems do not support the fast implementation of new offerings. Also within the existing offering, it may require too much effort just to change pricing in the current systems.

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Billing Problems Hurt Customer Satisfaction Video Blog

One of the key pain points of businesses with recurring revenue is that billing problems hurt customer satisfaction.

I am here at my favorite place with Bea, the dog, and will talk about how billing can make a huge difference to customer satisfaction.

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Challenges In Transparency and Compliance Video Blog

Taija has discussed the common pain points in recurring revenue monetization in a video blog series.

This time she talks about the challenges in providing a single source of truth for the services billed. Transparent truth for the customers. Transparent truth for the IFRS and GAAP compliance.

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Agile Billing Podcast

How to get started with agile billing? What should you know and how to prepare for developing your recurring revenue billing?

In MGI Research’s 30-minute podcast Igor Stenmark, Managing Director at MGI Research and Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign, discuss Agile billing.


Taija Engman's Interview at Monetize 13 Event

Taija Engman was interviewed at Monetize 13 Event in March 2020. She discusses Pricing, Billing, and Monetization.

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CEO of Good Sign, Taija Engman at MGI Research's Monetize 11 Event

Taija Engman, Founder, and CEO of Good Sign at Monetize 11 event, Amsterdam in February 2019. She talks about how service businesses can automate pricing, billing, and monetization.


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Customers in the spotlight

Good Sign customers in the spotlight.  Automate pricing, billing, and monetization, assuring no lost revenue unlike mere ERP suites or plain subscription billing systems.


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Customer Case Com4

Com4 uses Good Sign Software for end-to-end automation from pricing and provisioning to billing and customer self-service. 


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Customer Case Enfo

Enfo needed an intelligent automation solution for flexible pricing and billing data processing to deliver outstanding IT services for its’ customers. In modern business, digitalized operations can be a game-changer.


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Customer Case Fortum HorsePower

Fortum uses Good Sign for end-to-end automation from pricing and service activation to manage logistics process and billing. Since the HorsePower business model differs from Fortum's traditional business, they needed a solution that could help them manage subscription-based and logistics-intensive business model.

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Customer Case Technopolis

Technopolis uses Good Sign to automate customer onboarding, service catalog, pricing, and billing of UMA workspace services. 


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Good Sign Billing Application for ServiceNow

In addition to streamlined service management, the customers also want mass customized contracts and pricing invoiced according to their specific requirements.


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The Internet of Things & Services Podcast Series #2: Thomas Hedenborg

Find out about the potential delivered by digitalization in the industrial business. New era conducts new methodology and the conventional boundaries must be crossed. 


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The Internet of Things & Services Podcast Series #1: Red Herring Global 100 Awards Insights

Insights and key takeaways by Franz Reuchlein, VP Sales of Good Sign. Listen to the Good Sign Special podcast from Los Angeles Red Herring Global Top 100 event.


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FIIF - End-to-End Digitalization

The conference was held on September 2016. Janne Kivilaakso from Good Sign sharing his views of End-to-End Business Digitalization and how companies can create a competitive advantage in the era of service ecosystems.


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Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015

Good Sign Solutions is one of the Winners of Nokia Open Innovation Challenge 2015. See CEO Taija Engman's presentation about business automation software at Nokia headquarters.


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Ever wanted to get analyst insights on the latest trends in agile billing and best practices when transforming your business model to recurring revenue? Now you can!

With MGI Research, we offer you an insightful series of three on-demand webinars, where aspects of agile billing, subscription, and recurring revenue business transformation are discussed in compact 15-minute sessions.

Agile Billing Trends and Why it Matters

What is agile billing, and how to adapt to quick changes in the market? Get advice from MGI Research on common symptoms calling for agile billing and what to look for in choosing billing systems. You will also get hands-on tips on different aspects of billing that deserve additional attention.

Speakers: Igor Stenmark, Managing Director and Co-Founder of MGI Research, and Taija Engman, CEO and Co-Founder of Good Sign. The webinar length is 15:16 minutes. 


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Service Billing Trends and Players

In service billing, there are upcoming trends such as subscription billing, pay-per-use, and servitization that traditional billing systems typically do not cover.

Speakers: Igor Stenmark, Managing Director and Co-Founder of MGI Research, and Taija Engman, CEO and Co-Founder of Good Sign. The webinar length is 13:42 minutes. 

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It Perspectives to a Billing System

How do you make sure your billing system fits perfectly into your IT architecture and supports your monetization process? 

Speakers: Igor Stenmark, Managing Director and Co-Founder of MGI Research, and Taija Engman, CEO and Co-Founder of Good Sign. The webinar takes only 15 minutes and is hosted by Marc Wullings. 

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