Suvi Anttonen

2 min read

IoT – What it really means and how your business can benefit from it

Smart phones, smart cars, smart homes, smart businesses – everything seems to be smart these days. People keep talking about the possibilities of digitalization and Internet of Things (IoT) without really explaining what they actually mean. What is...

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3 min read

Digitalization and Disruption. Welcome to Your Future

DIGITIZE YOUR BUSINESS OR PERISH? Digitalization is the word on everyone’s lips almost anywhere you go. And so it should be. The message from...

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CEO Taija Engman discusses growth in a podcast

How is digitalisation transforming business? What are the pros and cons of IoT? How is it affecting sales? Important questions. Good Sign Solutions...

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1 min read

How much revenue is your company missing due to unavoidable human failure rates?

How much is 10% of your company’s revenue? Human error is natural and sometimes even necessary to help us learn avoid making the same mistakes again....

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