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Good Sign Aims For Global Success with EUR 10 million Growth Funding

Good Sign Aims For Global Success with EUR 10 million Growth Funding

With Bocap’s Investment, We Are Hiring 200 New Experts

The Finnish Good Sign has developed a unique recurring billing software. Good Sign is now aiming for global success with EUR 10 million in growth funding. The investor in the financing round is the Finnish private equity company Bocap. “With this investment, we can accelerate the triumph of customer-centric service businesses,” says Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign. Bocap’s founder Julianna Borsos emphasizes that Good Sign is hitting the global megatrend: the transition from a product business to services.

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Good Sign, a Finnish forerunner in subscription management and recurring billing, has received a capital investment from Bocap SME Achievers Fund III. EUR 10 million of funding will be used for growing and scaling in both the domestic and global markets.

“We are hiring 200 new experts and expanding our partner network. Now, with this investment, we can accelerate the triumph of customer-centric service businesses. We now have the resources to become a top player globally”, says Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign.

In a recent report, the international research and consulting company Forrester has listed Good Sign among the global players in the field. Co-founder Engman describes Good Sign's promising position in the market:

“The rise in recurring revenue business models and digitalization are megatrends that were further accelerated by the pandemic. Our unique SaaS provides infinite opportunities to succeed globally as more and more companies launch subscriptions and create pay-per-use business models. The digital leap will not succeed if billing doesn’t work smoothly.” 

Current enterprise IT systems such as Microsoft and SAP do not alone cater for agile enough recurring billing and pricing. According to Engman, Good Sign creates important added value.

"Subscription and recurring billing management will become an integral part of the customer experience."

Bocap helps to speed to the top of the global megatrend

The private equity investor Bocap, is seeing a huge global demand for Good Sign.

“There is an urgent need for such a solution also in Bocap’s portfolio companies. Recurring revenue business models and the shift from a product business to services are a megatrend to which Good Sign is now leaving a lasting footprint. Good Sign's software provides simple and measurable solutions to the real problems that all companies face in recurring billing”, describes Julianna Borsos, the founder of Bocap.

Bocap's Investment Director Angelo Moita emphasizes Good Sign's expertise.

“The company has a great team of industry experts who have created a technically advanced and highly competitive solution. Their SaaS is scalable and there is a huge market demand for it now and in the future.”

More information

Good Sign Ltd
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Taija Engman, CEO, tel. +358 50 372 5142, taija@goodsign.fi

Bocap Private Equity Ltd

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Julianna Borsos, Chair & Founding Partner, +358 50 386 3530, julianna@bocap.fi,

Angelo Moita, Investment Director & Partner, +358 44 231 9370, angelo@bocap.fi

About Bocap

Helsinki-based Bocap is a leading Nordic independent private equity company established in 2012. It was then the first Finnish private equity fund manager genuinely focusing on growth investments into established SMEs and the first to launch a concept by which companies are entered via controlled minority stakes. Bocap manages three funds (‘’Bocap SME Achievers Fund I and II and III’’) dedicated to outperforming, high-growth, world-class, entrepreneur-led Finnish SMEs having sales of 4 to 50 M€ in prominent industries. By partnering with entrepreneurs and founders, Bocap champions the successful growth of SMEs and creates value by providing its portfolio companies with both equity financing and strong strategic and M&A support. Bocap’s portfolio companies have to date employed more than 3000 people and have combined revenue of over 300 M€. Bocap’s investors include leading Nordic institutional investors as well as family offices and investment companies of successful entrepreneurs. Bocap.fi

About Good Sign

Good Sign currently employs 40 people in Finland, the Netherlands, and the USA. The company's turnover of approximately EUR 4 million consists mainly of SaaS services. Good Sign removes pain points in pricing, billing, and monetization of recurring revenue and empowers new business models. Good Sign SaaS automates subscriptions, pay-per-use, and service agreements, complementing customers' CRM and ERP systems. Our customers include Com4, DLL, Fujitsu, and OpusCapita, where Good Sign Software brought significant improvements in customer satisfaction and earnings. 

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