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Good Sign Receives The Achiever Certification

Nov 7, 2019 1:16:44 PM



Good Sign Oy has been evaluated as Achiever by Alma Talent. Companies receiving the Achiever Certification are stable businesses with solid growth, good financial results and profitability, a strong financial structure and liquidity to ensure continued operation. 

Why Us (1)-2A comparison of these key indicators has put this company in the top tier of its own industry and in the entire country of Finland. The Achiever 2019 rankings are based on the financial years ended between June 2018 and May 2019.

Menestyjat fiTaija Engman, CEO of Good Sign comments: "We are happy to grow along our service business customers. We believe that the world will be a better place when businesses can freely grow scalable services."

About Achievers Certification

Alma Talent Tietopalvelut research and analysis unit undertakes an annual analysis of companies’ performance on the basis of their financial statement data. The companies’ financial performance is rated according to six key indicators. A company is classified as an achiever if its growth, profitability, financial structure and liquidity are in good order.

Achiever status is also relative, as each company is awarded points for each key indicator on the basis of comparison with other companies across the board and within its own industry. Companies are compared with other companies in the same size classification. Achiever certification requires proof that a company is among the top firms in Finland as a whole and within its own industry in terms of financial performance.

Less than 5 percent of Finnish companies will make the Kauppalehti Achiever list. The Achiever certificate is therefore proof of a company being on a solid financial foundation. The bankruptcy risk of Achiever companies is extremely low.  Less than one company in a thousand has drifted to bankrupt annually. Companies like this are reliable and desirable partners as well as good employers.  The Achiever certificate also shows that the management and organisation of the company are working efficiently, and that the company has the required business acumen. 


The individual key indicators:

Growth                     Increase in turnover, in % (3-year average)

Profitability              Return on capital employed, in %

Results                     Net profit/loss before tax, in %

Liquidity                   Current ratio

Solvency                   Equity/assets ratio, in %

Risk tolerance          Z ratio of three variables


Return on capital employed tells how much a company earns in relation to the capital invested in it. Employed capital includes interest-bearing debt as well as equity.

Net profit/loss before tax refers to profit or loss after operating expenses, depreciations and financing costs have been deducted. This figure is analysed in proportion to turnover.

Liquidity is determined using the current ratio, in which inventories and current assets are divided by current liabilities. 

Equity/assets ratio shows how large a proportion of the company’s assets are funded by its equity.

Risk tolerance is calculated using a combined ratio that includes the variables Income Before Extraordinary Items (in %), Quick Ratio and Equity/Assets Ratio (in %). This ratio shows a company’s crisis vulnerability.


For more information:

CEO Taija Engman, tel. +358 50 372 5142, taija.engman@goodsignsolutions.com


Good Sign Oy:

Good Sign is a Finnish software company founded by six experienced ICT professionals in 2007. The core of Good Sign is software for automating recurring revenue monetization in service businesses. Good Sign's specific expertise is in flexible business rule-based digitalization of service pricing, automated invoicing of contracts and automated financial bookings.

The company's customers include Fortum, Fujitsu and Technopolis for whom Good Sign enables full flexibility to create new types of service products and pricing models. The software has also brought increased customer satisfaction and profit impact with improved billing accuracy and transparency.

In 2018, Good Sign's net sales increased by 5,43%, reaching €3,127,000 with €269,000 in net profit. The company's headquarters is located in Helsinki. International offices in Europe and North-America are in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and the United States (Boston).

Good Sign currently employs 30 service business and software professionals and has continually increased its staff to meet customers’ recurring revenue growth and digitalization needs, which are identifiable with the growing ‘servitization’ megatrend.

Case Fujitsu

Case Fortum

Case Technopolis

Meet our Team


Taija Engman
Written by Taija Engman

CEO of Good Sign, Taija blogs on digitalization bringing growth and efficiency by building on new business opportunities and customer value.

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