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Good Sign into Partnership with Gelly Consulting and Training

Jun 10, 2021 11:49:11 AM

Partnership with Gelly Consulting & Training in Usage Data Monetization in Brazil and Latin America

Good Sign announces a new partnership with Gelly Consulting & Training, aiming at efficient delivery of pricing, billing, and monetization flexibility for subscription and recurring revenue businesses in Brazil and Latin America. 


Flexibility for Pricing and Billing for Service Businesses and Their Customers

Gelly Consulting & Training implements Good Sign Software as part of their offering to better serve their recurring revenue customers. Good Sign connects to and complements existing CRM and ERP systems with features and automation needed in the as-a-service business model.

”We help our customers to update their business IT to support their growth. The Good Sign Software provides capabilities that complement our current mediation and service billing architectures. Businesses are transforming to pay-per-use service business models everywhere. Good Sign allows us to offer total solutions to a broader market, and respond to the pricing and billing requirements that growth-hungry companies present to us,” says Rosângela Gelly, Managing Director of Gelly Consulting & Training.

Gelly Consulting & Training is a great partner for Good Sign with its strong expertise in usage data monetization and project management. We are very happy that we can now together help new customers freely grow scalable services,” says Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign. 

About Gelly Consulting & Training

Gelly Consulting & Training is a technology company providing software licensing and high technology consulting services, with operations in Latin America. Gelly Consulting’s expertise includes Project Management, Business Processes, Mediation and Data Management, and Billing and Monetization to help the customers to create new products, new strategies, and take their profitability to the next level. 

About Good Sign

Good Sign is a software company and Good Sign Software removes pain points in pricing, billing, and monetization of recurring revenue by automating subscription, pay-per-use, and contract-based businesses. The company's clients include Fortum, Fujitsu, Technopolis, and OpusCapita, for whom Good Sign has brought significant improvements in customer satisfaction and performance by improving billing accuracy and transparency, and automating service delivery.


For more information:

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Gelly Consulting & Training: 

Rosângela Gelly, Managing Director, +55 21 98838-1817, https://www.gellyconsulting.com/en/

GELLY Consulting and Training


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Good Sign:

CEO Taija Engman, mobile +358 50 372 5142, taija.engman@goodsignsolutions.com


Anitta Maltela
Written by Anitta Maltela

Marketing Manager at Good Sign Solutions

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