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Solve Your Billing Problems

Good Sign Billing Automation Software removes pain points in pricing, billing, and monetization of recurring revenue and empowers new business models.

We automate subscriptions, pay-per-use, and service agreements, complementing customers’ CRM and ERP systems.


Good Sign covers  everything from usage to invoice

Good Sign covers everything from connecting to usage data to invoices and payments. No need for additional tools for mastering data mediation and rating.

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Revenue Leakage eats growth and profits

manual work stopped

Too much manual work and slow cashflow

short time to market

Slow time to market with new offerings

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Billing problems hurt customer satisfaction

compliance with accounting standards

Challenges in transparency and compliance

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Play the video to meet Technopolis, Com4, and Fortum, all using Good Sign to monetize their service businesses.

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Experience data-driven monetization

Monetize any recurring business model from single subscriptions to large contracts. Automate all pricing schemes. Fixed fees, overage charges, and pay-per-use. 

Automate your pricing, billing, and sales accounting. Use any source data. Manage contract lifecycle. Extend to provisioning and automated fulfillment. Intelligently with Good Sign® Software as a Service.

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