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Growth with Agile Pricing and Billing


Manage Subscriptions, Customer contracts, and Usage. Gain financial transparency. 

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Is Your Pricing and Billing System Supporting Your Service Business' Growth?


You are an expert in your pricing. You know your offerings, clients, top-performing packages, and discounts. But as your company grows, your billing needs change.

Good Sign Subscription Management for offers you the flexibility you need. It helps you to automate your pricing and billing, enabling full control of the customer contract portfolio and offering transparency to the process, as well as flexible reporting and SaaS KPI metrics.

Manage Customer Lifecycle

  • B2B Contract Lifecycle Management
  • Flexible Subscription Management
  • Easily attach Pay-Per-Use And Transaction Data
  • Saas KPIs and Analytics
  • Easy but future proof: Supports any charging model, metered data, and high transaction volumes

Connect to anywhere

  • Easily connect to various systems for full end-to-end automation
  • Ready-made connectors to various CRM and Financial Systems
  • API for jnteration to any architecture
  • Data mediation for efficient use of metered data

Gain control and transparency

  • Fully Control Your Contract Portfolio
  • Gain Single Source Of Truth
  • Automate Accounting And Reporting

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