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VP of Solution Consulting Janne writes about business monetization, process automation, service business, industrial Internet, digitalization and business IT.

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Why Scalability Matters In Service Business?

By Janne Kivilaakso on Apr 5, 2016 2:24:11 PM

What is Scalability?

Scalability. It is one of the key buzzwords of our times. You want to make an impression in a business model strategy meeting? Ask the magic question “is this scalable”?

But did you truly consider what it means?

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How to Put Your ERP on Steroids

By Janne Kivilaakso on Dec 27, 2015 4:47:00 PM

Don’t we love ERP solutions? Besides being sometimes crumble and difficult to master they get the job done. Goods are delivered and books get closed. Decades of development in mastering supply chains of tangible goods has made them great in running linear business models.

Due to the supply chain driven history of these packages, there is, however, a big gap to support the intangible deliverables of service age businesses. Forcing in non-linear service deliverables creates complexities that are handled by human operators catching up loose ends and tying them back together. In practice this means seeking information and re-entering it to multiple places, and performing spreadsheet processing in between.

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How Should Technical Support Work In IoT?

By Janne Kivilaakso on Oct 12, 2015 7:30:00 AM

Industrial Internet Radically Changes The Role of Technical Support

Industrial Internet Shifts the Paradigm

Back in the early Nineties I bought a top-brand scanner, which back then cost as much as a small car. The machine broke after a few weeks, making a loud rattling noise. I called support saying that this new scanner is clearly, audibly broken. I was transferred to second level support. I again conveyed the symptoms and reiterated that the unit needs to be replaced. The employee went through her troubleshooting flowchart, and finally asked me to place the handset of my (landline) phone next to the unit and scan. She listened to the rattle and stated “OK, it is broken.” This took a long time. What followed went smoothly with a next day replacement delivery. Logistics was already great back then. The troubleshooting, on the other hand, was indeed a bit technology assisted -  she used audio analysis.

Think about the change technical support has experienced in the last 20 years! Also imagine the challenges it faces in today's digital services economy. How should it work?

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Industrial Internet. From Things To Processes.

By Janne Kivilaakso on Oct 2, 2015 8:00:00 AM

A Common Goal. Making Internet of Things (IoT) Work in Industrial Internet. 

All of us following the industry know that companies are largely making their products part of the industrial internet. We talk about the ‘Internet of Things’ or better yet, the ‘Internet of Everything’. The shift from products to services is on everyone's lips with `Digital Services Economy´. 

Everything will be connected!

Traditionally connectivity was about connecting to products in order to perform remote maintenance and management actions thus saving time and money. Connectivity has also been used to push data from devices – used for collecting statistics and raising alarms. This traditional product connectivity has provided businesses with enhanced possibilities to detect and rectify issues even before the end customers may experience any impact.

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