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Billing Problems Cause Unhappy Customers - Taija Engman's Video Blog

Billing Problems Cause Unhappy Customers - Taija Engman's Video Blog

Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign continues her video blogging about pain points in recurring revenue, with her dog Bea, from a lakeside in Finland. 

Billing Problems Hurt Customer Satisfaction


One of the key pain points of businesses with recurring revenue is that billing problems hurt customer satisfaction.

I am here at my favorite place with Bea, the dog, and will talk about how billing can make a huge difference to customer satisfaction.

This video is for you if you offer subscription or pay-per-use, or contract-based services. And also when your company is making plans for joining in this major trend: As-a-Service business.

With an unclear or wrong invoice, you can create dissatisfied customers. 

Billing Problems And Customer Satisfaction 

  • Billing is a moment of truth in the customer relationship, and billing problems cause a significant dent which can be measured in satisfaction surveys.
  • Billing problems cause mistrust, and extra work for customers to inspect bills, and may even cause churn.
  • Large customers often expect you to consolidate billing and for example, apply volume discounts based on global volumes. Or to divide invoices according to their business lines and cost centers. If you cannot provide this easily and correctly, customers may seek alternatives.

Inability To Satisfy Customer Requirements Is A Major Element For Dissatisfaction

The importance of this pain point is recognized more and more. In recurring revenue, it is not as easy as in product business to trace all services given to the customer. And assure the right prices taking into account volume steps and time periods for example. And provide the split expected by the customer with transparent information.

If you want to know more about these pains, stay tuned for these video blog episodes. Taija talks about the five most typical pain points in monetizing recurring revenue business.

When you want to solve your challenges in recurring revenue, make us keep our promise that our software can remove these pains from your business.

Watch more episodes: 

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So, if your invoices are not lovable in the eyes of your customer, or you need to use a lot of time in shaping invoices or sorting out billing complaints, challenge us at Good Sign.

Test how our pricing and billing automation can solve your billing problems, provide lovable invoices, and improve your customer satisfaction! Give us a call!




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