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Complete Your ERP System With Good Sign Billing Automation

Complete Your ERP System With Good Sign Billing Automation

With years of experience with different ERP systems, I still find that they are excellent for many tasks but not for subscriptions and recurring revenue. So, comparing here a subscription management platform, and specifically Good Sign with an ERP system, and highlighting what you will get when complementing the ERP with a tool offering capabilities to subscriptions and consumption-based, or pay-per-use, billing.  

Good Sign offers benefits like:

  • a quick and automated billing solution
  • versatile product management
  • comprehensive pricing capabilites
  • automatic billing checks
  • ready-made multi-channel invoice delivery and payment methods
  • modern integration platforms

With the flexible pricing and billing solution you can invoice customer-specific, usage-specific, data-based, and cost-based products. You can automate pricing, invoicing, and sales accounting. You can manage the life cycle of the contract and automate implementations.

Versatile Product Management

Good Sign's product management is versatile, with service catalogs, and localized product descriptions, and it provides customer-specific products. Good Sign's dynamic service product structure enables multi-level and dynamically configurable services, packages, and bundles. You can manage catalog and service product variations, which are controlled by e.g., end user, region, customer organization, and time. The service list together with the configurable price lists can also be used in the offer phase connected to the CRM and/or with a customized user interface.

What are the Service Pricing Options in Good Sign?

In terms of pricing, Good Sign offers flexible pricing, meaning you can manage the market, customer, or contract-level prices. Flexible pricing is available, such as customer-specific, usage-specific, data-based, and cost-based pricing.

In addition, you can associate contract lines with predefined or dynamically derived products and leverage price lists and pricing models for fixed recurring and usage-based pricing elements to find the best combinations of one-time, fixed-price, and consumption-based recurring models. Overall, the ability to read in and benefit consumption data is one area where Good Sign really can make things easier.

Recurring Revenue Billing Automation

Invoicing is quick and easy, as you can automate the pricing and invoicing of recurring products. Billing schedules can be set by customer, product, or contract, depending on your company's needs. Naturally, you can also create manual invoice lines and invoices. If desired, the company's internal invoices and expense recording can also be automated. 

Good Sign can help you ensure billing accuracy by configuring automated processing controls to identify unexpected patterns and support process quality. For example, Good Sign may notify you of an unusually large discrepancy in the value of two consecutive invoices or provide you with a list of items that are not charged in your quote. Such reports are particularly important to me because I want the content of the invoices to be correct.

From the customer's point of view, it is essential that the pricing is correct, and from the company's point of view, it is important that there are no missing lines on the invoice.

Good Sign includes ready-made multi-channel invoice delivery and payment methods such as e-invoice, paper invoice, credit card, and other online payment methods. In addition to this, you can specify multiple invoice layouts.

There were a few thoughts on why I think the Good Sign system is a good complement to ERP systems. All you must do is choose which features you want to enable in Good Sign. It is also important to decide where you want to maintain the master data, whether it is in the ERP system or in Good Sign. You can also choose which system sends the invoices to the customer and where the ledger processing is handled. Transferring data from one program to another can be easily done in several ways, by utilizing modern integration platforms.

And why all this? Because Good Sign can improve end customers' invoicing experience and fulfill your company's operational process. 


Read a quick guide on How-to-get-started with Billing Automation

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Take Us to the Test

If you feel your billing needs will outgrow your current recurring revenue billing solution, or if you are just curious to learn how Good Sign does things differently, feel free to take us to the test! We will gladly take on your challenge and prove to you it can be done, and that the new world lies beyond just subscriptions.

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