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Slow Time To Market - Video Blog By Taija Engman

Slow Time To Market - Video Blog By Taija Engman

Taija Engman, CEO of Good Sign continues her video blogging about pain points in recurring revenue, with her dog Bea, from lakeside in Finland. This video is about:

slow Time To Market With New Business Models challenge?

This pain point is one of the top five in recurring revenue monetization. Launching new business initiatives can be extremely hard and time-consuming because the existing processes and billing systems do not support the fast implementation of new offerings. Also within the existing offering, it may require too much effort just to change pricing in the current systems.

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Whom this video May Be of Interest?

  • Companies that are introducing new subscription and pay-per-use revenue models
  • Companies, that desire flexibility and agility in price drivers and pricing schemes
  • Companies seeking growth through new digital business
  • Companies that find it hard and time-consuming to transform a new business concept to revenue and cash

There is increasing demand for flexibility in pricing

An ability to freely renew pricing strategies, and to offer customer-specific or customer-adjusted service offering is a competitive asset.

In the longer run, it is a must. A part of constant inevitable change in both service offerings and customer behaviors.

How To Faster Launch New Service Offerings

Looking to introduce completely new revenue models? New business concepts? Perhaps new value from using data and digital creatively?

We see these key steps are important in launching new business models: 

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  1. Select a concept with limited scope and potential for scaling.
  2. Form a cross-functional team that can think more about to-be than as-is.
  3. Provide the team with access to data and other resources needed to conceptually design the earning model.
  4. Empower the team to select modern tech solution to enable monetizing the concept end-to-end. 
  5. Demand accountability and frequent reporting on progress and costs.
  6. Allow the team to test the new service business model from quote-to-cash with potential customers as early as possible.


What are your biggest pain points?

Let us know and get a chance to win a 500€ Gift Card

If you want to know more about these pains, stay tuned for these video blog episodes. Taija talks about the five most typical pain points in monetizing recurring revenue business. When you want to solve your challenges in recurring revenue, make us keep our promise that our software can remove these pains from your business.

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Start Now 


If you feel your pricing and billing needs will outgrow your current billing solution, or if you are just curious to learn how Good Sign does things differently, feel free to take us to the test! We will gladly take on your challenge and prove to you it can be done. Scalability for your next business opportunity is closer than you might think.




We help our customers solve existing pain points in monetizing service contracts and managing subscriptions and pay-per-use services. We help companies freely grow scalable services.

Feel free to contact us and let’s have a chat on how we can support your company.


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