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Seasonal Greetings

Dec 22, 2016 1:05:04 PM

Reaching the End of the Year 2016,

And although it might not seem too different to 2015, we have seen some formidable change in the views of business professionals. The business world has talked about digitalization, servitization and as-a-service innovation for a while now, but now this seems to be turning into new service business model initiatitives in many industries.

The Continuous Services Business is Happening, Now

Back in the day it may have been easy to put a product to a package and deliver the package.

Now the customers want to hand-pick the features and build their own service combo.

Customer also expect to pay for just the parts they use: either paying for a safe fixed fee package which is fitted for their specific needs, or saving by paying according to actual use instead when the needs vary.

Therefore, service providers need to be able to provide custom fitted services and custom fitted pricing.

And they are – but at what cost? If variety must be offered, but the backoffice concists of traditional systems, the result is loads of Excel spreadsheets, costly manual work, inaccuracies and revenue leakage.

Our Prediction for the Year of Service Growth 2017

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030 all products will transform to services.

Would like to add, that transforming the products to services means new approach to operational and financial systems.

Our prediction is that in 2017 new intelligent automation software will be implemented for new service business models alongside the traditional ERP systems. The new service business software will provide for handling new kinds of service contracts and service subscriptions with customer specific and dynamic variety.

The Good Sign team would like to wish you

Happy Holidays and a Great New Year of Innovative Services 2017!

Click here for our blog page to reach the link to World Economic Forum prediction that by 2030 all products will transform to services.

World Economic Forum prediction that by 2030 all products will transform to services.


The Good Sign Way: From Manual Complexity to Automated Flexibility 

Good Sign’s Digital Services Growth Platform offers flexible pricing, charging and billing for service providers and service ecosystems.

Good Sign Software establishes a communication flow with ERP systems and other operational systems removing barriers to flexibly offer end customers what they want and yet automatically provision multi-layered services and bill customer specific usage and pricing schemes.

Our Customers uncover 10% non-billed revenue resulting into 40% profit increase with 70% improved cash flow and 90% of manual administration eliminated. Our Customers are 100% guaranteed for being able to launch new digital service business models and pricing schemes.

Taija Engman
Written by Taija Engman

CEO of Good Sign, Taija blogs on digitalization bringing growth and efficiency by building on new business opportunities and customer value.

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