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Billing Is Boring, And That Is How We Like It

Just another day at the office

When you think of excitement at the office, the billing department typically doesn’t come to mind. Producing invoices in large numbers, monitoring payments, and reporting on them is the main task of an underwhelmed corporate function.

Billing is boring

Nothing new comes out of the billing department, and billing is considered an operational staff role, the engine to produce the needed cashflow. These are the unsung heroes of corporate life.

It is time for a tribute to the billing department.

Designed to be boring

In truth, much of the billing process is highly invisible to the rest of the organization. Invoicing is considered a non-event, a logical step after the products and services have been delivered. It is a straightforward, repetitive process designed to be optimized for efficiency. Similarly, payments are expected as revenue is considered the result of doing things right. 

Billing as a moment of truth

However, the invoice is also the moment of truth in the client relationship. Every flaw in the customer process, every deviation from the client’s expectation might end up at the billing department.

Clients expect invoices to be transparent, traceable to the services, and products rendered, and correct. Disputes, deviations, and unclear billing items will land on the desk of the department. And much time is lost finding data to justify, correct or remedy questioned invoices. All the time, the billing department is in the frontline, solving the issues.

Boring is best for your health

This is why a boring, steady billing department is a beacon of health in a well-run company. You want to have a “first-time-right” approach to billing. Clear invoices lead to quick cashflow, and satisfied clients will want to order more and increase the relationship.

You simply would not want to rock the boat when it comes to billing.

Let’s make billing boring again

After all this, you might think that your billing strategy would need to be solidified in the current processes. But nothing is further from the truth. You need flexibility in your billing department to solidify the current outcome.

As businesses change, and business models change, you need flexible systems to absorb the changes and still deliver predictable, transparent bills to your clients.

Your billing staff is the athlete that needs agile tools to produce a steady outcome regardless of the process changes in your company. 

To get started with flexible billing, download our Guide To Billing Automation:

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Take us to the test!

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Good Sign

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