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Streamlining B2B Transactions: Fujitsu and Good Sign's Billing Success

Streamlining B2B Transactions: Fujitsu and Good Sign's Billing Success

Efficient billing processes are crucial for MSPs, to maintain healthy cash flow and ensure customer satisfaction. Yet, many companies still struggle with long billing lead times due to outdated manual processes. In this post, we interview Fujitsu's Kirsi Koski about how they and Good Sign have systematically developed their invoicing infrastructure to match their needs perfectly. Check out the video below for more on the story!


Long billing lead times can severely disrupt operations and negatively affect a company’s liquidity. Often, these inefficiencies stem from outdated manual processes that are surprisingly prevalent, even within large corporations. Due to a lack of specialized, versatile pricing and billing tools on the market, many players still resort to manual solutions or tools with other deficiencies.

With global managed services revenue forecasted to grow by at least 12% in 2024, driven by increasing demand for cybersecurity management, cloud infrastructure, application development, AI solution consulting, and compliance requirements, it’s crucial for service providers to adopt solutions capable of meeting these needs efficiently and accurately. This is precisely the challenge Fujitsu and Good Sign have tackled together.


Transforming Billing Processes: Fujitsu's Journey with Good Sign

Fujitsu is an excellent example of a Managed IT Service Provider with a large service and solution portfolio. Customer satisfaction is extremely important – delivering timely solutions to the customer, along with an invoicing process that is accurate, fast, and transparent is crucial.

In 2007, Good Sign founders working at Fujitsu spun out their internally developed tools into their own company. Their co-development work has a long history that covers invoicing and reporting, along with addressing internal cost transfers.

“With Good Sign, we have been able to create a solution that is both flexible and customized to our needs,” says Kirsi Koski, Development Manager in Fujitsu’s Customer Success Organization. Koski, who oversees the invoicing processes for customers in Finland and around the world, emphasizes the importance of nurturing long-term customer relationships and maximizing the value derived from Fujitsu’s ICT services and consulting.


New Levels of Billing Accuracy Unlocked with Automation

Good Sign’s solution addresses Fujitsu’s issues head-on. Their previous processes consumed lots of manual working hours and affected billing lead time negatively, along with customer satisfaction. 

With the Good Sign platform, Fujitsu can ensure speedy and accurate billing with a combination of features that are not commonly available in other tools. Invoice generation takes place at the click of a button, with relevant data sources all connected to the platform and relevant data being processed automatically into coherent, consistent invoices. The platform also ensures timely delivery of accurate invoices that detail the exact requirements of each customer’s billing needs and information.

“By creating a good process and using a solution to support that, you can decrease the time that needs to be used in invoicing and you can use the time better with the customer.”
Kirsi Koski, Development Manager, Fujitsu

What was previously easier to do manually can now be automated entirely. Using Good Sign has saved Fujitsu hours upon hours of manual labor, created unprecedented transparency both for customers and internally, and thus increased customer satisfaction.

“By creating a good process and using a solution to support that, you can decrease the time that needs to be used in invoicing and you can use the time better with the customer,” Koski summarises.


Continuous Improvement Through Collaboration

Ensuring customer satisfaction involves more than just delivering customized billing solutions; it requires ongoing dialogue and collaboration to continually adapt to evolving business needs. This development dialogue benefits both partners, as Good Sign also gains valuable insights and features that enhance other customer engagements.

“Co-operation is always a two-way street. We have a long history with Good Sign and they are very well aware of our needs,” Koski explains. “We can openly discuss all the ideas and challenges that we have. I also feel we can contribute to the development of the solution. We are also happy to hear all the recommendations that Good Sign gives us.”

As technological innovations like generative AI begin to reshape the B2B landscape, the demand for speed and accuracy in business operations will intensify. To remain competitive, companies will need to embrace modern tools and methodologies. With Good Sign as a partner, Fujitsu is poised to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment.


Ready to revolutionize your billing process? Let us show you how Good Sign can transform your invoicing system, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost operational efficiency. Contact us today by booking a demo!

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