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Show Your Clients Some Love Via Your Invoice

Feb 14, 2022 9:45:00 AM

We thought it would be the right time to address the topic of lovable invoices. In this blog, we explain that lovable invoices are not about discounts or the candy you receive at your local restaurant, but thoughtful touches on your invoice that make a life for your customer just a little bit nicer.

Key elements to lovable invoices


Our organizations are set up to sell and then deliver the products and services we offer. And thus, the billing process is often considered a logical afterthought. For customers, the invoice is part of the customer experience. It is the moment of truth. When approving payment, the customer checks that the offering delivered matches the amount on the invoice.

Customer experience does not stop when service is delivered

Exceeding customer expectations in billing can do wonders for overall customer satisfaction. Lovable invoices are an essential component of the customers' service experience. Reversely, you can lose the trust of the customer with incorrect invoices.

Increase trust by focusing on quality, correctness, and full transparency as agreed in the contract with all details available. Your clients will be amazed and thank you for the time.

What Are the Key Elements to Increased Customer Satisfaction in Billing?

Lovable invoices provide a chance to focus on serving and developing clients’ business needs. In short, these are easy to check and easy to process invoices. Nothing is less attractive than having to go back and forth over invoice data.

So here are some tips:

  • Promote trust by offering accurate and real-time billing data.
  • Increase trust by focusing on quality, correctness, and full transparency as agreed in the contract with all details available. Your clients will be amazed and thank you for the time saved.
  • Add more value to your invoice by also fulfilling the customer's internal allocation needs according to agreed business rules. You will get kudos for saving a lot of work for the customer.
  • Use correct postings, to the right cost centers and any other customer's accounting dimensions. Imagine the sparkle in their eyes when your invoice can be processed directly.
  • Produce transparent invoices where all details and data are available. The time-saving and cost-benefit analysis it allows to the customers are real turn-ons.

Lovable invoices lead also to improved cash flow. The customer is happy and so is the CFO. Isn’t that a perfect love story?

One of our customers said that their overall customer satisfaction score increased significantly, due to satisfaction with the new outstanding invoices. Even the toughest and most demanding customers did not need to spend time investigating what is billed and complaining about the invoices.

You might find yourself incapable of sending the love because of your rigid ERP system or find that it simply costs too much effort to gather all the data to produce these lovely invoices. Then, we’d love to talk to you and help you overcome these struggles.

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