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Automating the Contract-To-Cash Process at OpusCapita

Jun 11, 2021 12:00:00 PM

How to gain proper visibility to your service contract-to-cash process? How to automate pricing and billing of a wide legacy contract base and yet create a feeling of control and trust that no revenue is leaking?

Opus Capita, a leading European provider of source-to-pay and e-invoicing solutions, set out to do that. Their goal was to be transparent and efficient in their contract-to-cash process.

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In this blog, we describe how OpusCapita captured a wide legacy contract base and transformed it into a future-proof automated service monetization process.

A Saas Business, But Also A Human Business

Opus Capita’s clients are used to flawless services, but also demand a superior customer experience. At the same time, there were still a lot of manual steps involved in their billing process that caused human errors, higher costs, and revenue leakage. Here was an opportunity to improve both sides, and at the same time to improve the visibility and the accuracy of the billing process. In short: to automate the process, so that the humans can do the business!

Watch a video where Taru Puntari from OpusCapita talks about their billing

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Eye On The Ball: The Importance Of Billing Accuracy

From the start: Opus Capita stressed the importance of billing accuracy. They worried that a lack of control and visibility of billing data could lead to revenue leakage. With multiple country operations and a large legacy contract base, mastering their pricing, contract, and billing data was the key challenge to come to a future-proof, agile system. Billing accuracy was considered important. 

Good Sign As A Flexible Platform For Pricing, Contracts, And Billing

Good Sign supported OpusCapita in implementing a solution to automate pricing and billing of their service offering in multiple legal entities. The solution covered automation of recurring SaaS fees, varying transaction-based fees as well as professional service fees. With help of Good Sign, OpusCapita is now able to manage its digital customer contracts, associated billing schedules, products, and prices such as tier, volume, and block pricing. The solution also ensures automated delivery of invoices to e-Invoice operators as well as all related financial postings to OpusCapita AR and GL.

Flexibility And Versatility: The Future Of Agile Billing Platforms

For Opus Capita, the Good Sign solution not only solved their billing problems but also opens up new business opportunities.

“Now we have a very flexible way of maintaining the data, and many ways and possibilities to develop our processes even more.”

For Good Sign, it showed that the future of agile billing means mastering complex and diverse service billing streams transparently and flexibly. This is exactly where the Good Sign solution shows its value. 

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