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Increase Customer Satisfaction Using Your Billing Data

Billing is typically a straightforward process that most companies have optimized in terms of efficiency. The efficiency is often measured by looking at the length of the billing cycle or at the amount of FTE needed to handle the billing process and sometimes the cash flow. 

In a billing process, customer experience should be optimized as well. Offering clear bills that can be handled swiftly. In this blog, we will explain that taking a client perspective into a billing process can optimize efficiency, increase client satisfaction, and improve cash flow.

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What Makes Up a Good Invoice According to Your Clients?

We wrote about lovable invoices before. There we pointed out simple improvements to make your invoices easier to process. Nowadays, a simple PDF will simply no longer do. Because it is not actionable. Because it is hard for the client to retrieve the underlying data.

Clients want easy access to the data, preferably in a digital format. Clients also like e-invoicing for easy adoption into their ERP and, if possible, multiple digital payment options. In short, clients welcome anything you as a supplier can do to support their handling process.

What Keeps You From Creating Those Lovely Invoices?

In one word: Data. Typically, the data needs to produce a solid and easy-to-process invoice, but it is scattered around. It comes from many different internal systems and needs to be matched with the contract terms.

If this is a painful process you need to go through every month, it is hard to give the customer transparency and full access to the usage data at the end of the billing period. But the price paid for not providing this transparency is that many customers ask questions about unclear invoices, slow payment, and slow cash flow.

Using Your Data To Provide ProActive Invoicing

Wouldn’t it be great if you could proactively give your clients access to their usage data of your services, or could pro-actively support them to optimize their business relationship with you?

Research shows that business gravitates to the companies most easy to deal with, so investing in data transparency to your clients might be a clever next step to increase customer satisfaction, a step that may well be rewarded with lower invoicing costs. 

Steer Towards a Lower Cost Per Invoice

It is not just your company that aims for a lower cost per invoice. Many Accounts Payables departments look at the Cost Per Invoice (CPI) to measure their efficiency.

A well-implemented billing system allows you to gather and present data for efficient invoicing. It also allows your clients to get quick insights into their consumption and process your invoice smoothly. In terms of consumption, clients appreciate it if you offer rich invoices, providing underlying data, even if it is still in attachment format. For processing, your client loves it if you can split your invoice at a cost center or purchase order level.

Understanding what your clients' invoicing needs are, and matching them with the correct data, is a winning combination to improve your cash flow. 

If you are interested, take a look at our Quick Guide on How to Get started With Billing Automation



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