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Lovable Invoices

Feb 13, 2020 1:00:00 PM

It is no news that you should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction. The news is that invoices can be so lovable that you can surpass your customer expectations.

Lovable invoices, what?

lovable invoices increase customer satisfaction

You cannot remove any bad service delivery experience of a customer with lovable invoices. But lovable invoices are an essential component of the customers' service experience. And you can lose the trust of the customer with unqualified invoices.

Customer experience does not stop when service is delivered.

Goes without saying but so often it is an area that is still lagging back in the era of inflexible pricing and billing functionality in the ERPs.

One of our customers said that their overall customer satisfaction score increased significantly, due to satisfaction with the new outstanding invoices. Even the toughest and most demanding customers did not need to spend time investigating what is billed and complaining about the invoices. How on earth this happened? 

What ARE the key elements to increased customer satisfaction in BILLING?

  1. Accuracy and real-time promotes trust
    • Increased trust by focusing on quality, correctness and full transparency as agreed in the contract with all details available.
    • Amazing is the moment when a customer tells that they don’t need to spend any time on checking your invoices as they are always correct and according to delivered services and agreed pricing.
  2. More value added to invoice by fulfilling also customer's internal allocation needs according to agreed business rules. Reduced work for the customer
  3. Correct postings, billing distributed to the right cost centers and any other customer's accounting dimensions. Saves time.
  4. Transparency when all details and data available. Saves time and also allows cost-benefit analysis to the customer.

Lovable invoices provide a chance to focus on serving and developing clients’ business needs and not to lose time on apologizing for bad invoices and checking what is wrong.

Lovable invoices lead also to lovable and improved cash flow. The customer is happy and so is the CFO. Perfect win-win for all!

To learn how to achieve increased customer satisfaction by deploying modern automated monetization platforms read our blog about flexible pricing and billing: https://www.goodsignsolutions.com/blog/10-reasons-you-should-invest-in-flexible-pricing-and-billing

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Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen
Written by Mervi Vikki-Aaltonen

Lead Consultant of Service Digitalization. Mervi blogs about the pain points she encounters with our customers and solutions to the pains when building new service opportunities and developing the efficiency of service pricing and billing.

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